Monday, 19 May 2014

Expect The Unexpected

As the title suggests, today didn't go as expected, and I'm trying to embrace expecting the unexpected. However I don't do well with change!

So everything this morning was 'normal', everything absolutely fine. J read some more of his young samurai book, he's now on the third one, The Way of The Dragon. S had a lie in till nearly 9am, guess she needed that sleep. The children played Minecraft for a bit. While I got ready for heading to gymnastics in Horsham.

We travelled there, listening to radio on the way. 

On getting out the car, J says I've got a tummy ache, but he thought he just needed the loo. So S headed up to get ready for gym. Meanwhile J came out feeling worse, hot, and looking an unhealthy colour!  S had now gone into gym. 

So after helping J, in which time he was sick, I then had to get S out of gym, much to her annoyance, until she realised why! To head home again! 

The journey home was uneventful, no more sickness, but J just looked exhausted.

He has spent the rest of the afternoon, on the sofa watching TV, looking tired, and a bit of a headache. He's been hungry and eaten really well. 

I'm sure it's not a sickness bug. Possibly he got travel sick, as it was hot on the journey today? I may order an extra set of bands just in case, as they've worked really well for S. Possibly migraine? Or just some sort of virus? 

It was only a week ago that he felt unwell before, with headache and mild fever. 

I've cancelled tomorrows plans, which were horse riding and a park meet up. J is just going to need today to rest and recuperate. 

I went to gym expecting it may be S that wouldn't be able to join in fully because of her elbow which she hurt on Sat. Instead she was fine, and it was J that out of nowhere couldn't do it, suddenly feeling ill.  It just shows you that anything can happen, and things can change so quickly.