Sunday, 30 March 2014

Another Gap

Try as I might I still haven't got into a regular blogging pattern ! So here we are yet again with days passing since my last post.

This time I've not been feeling well. as last week went on I felt more and more lethargic. The reflection in the mirror wasn't good. Hardly surprising considering I still had a tooth abscess. I had an appointment last Friday, where the tooth was proclaimed non salvageable. Which I was glad about, I didn't want root canal or any other options, I wanted it extracted, as this tooth has been a problem for several years now. So It will be removed this Tuesday, and in the meantime I'm now on two sets of antibiotics. So I've spent most of the weekend sleeping, and sitting watching various TV programmes, and trawling the internet. The tooth/gum itself is still sore and swollen. 

On Thursday it was colder here and we had several hail showers. In the absence of any snow this Winter, S settled to stand out in, and collect hail from the showers we had. 

We had a trip to the local library to pick up a couple of books we'd requested. While in the village we picked up a loaf in the bakers, J and S opted for a different loaf, a cottage loaf. This led to googling and various conversations, and landed us in San Francisco, talking about clam chowder.  

J has been to a local friends house for an evening. It was his friends birthday. 

We've finally finished the pen pal packages, including an additional one. When S found out it was her Skype/Minecraft friends birthday, who also lives in the US she wanted to send her something too. They're all addressed and ready to go, just need to post them now.

We've watched the first episodes of the new series of Masterchef, this inspired S to head straight into the kitchen. This time she was in creative mode, and cooked without recipes. She continues to get more and more confident in the kitchen.

We've watched the latest sewing bee, the cube, and we used Blinkbox for the first time last night to watch Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2.

There has been playing out with local friends, and rollerblading, and the growing independence of walking to the local shop too for S.

Mothers Day was today here in the UK, and I received 2 beautiful,  thoughtful, handmade cards. S had also researched and chosen to buy me the Hairy Bikers Asian Adventures Cookbook. It looks lovely, with great photography throughout. J is keen to try out the ramen recipes, and S the katsu recipes. S also chose to cook me dinner, opting for pasta with a tomato chilli sauce. 
I felt very appreciated, and loved.

I've been doing some more research for ideas for J's interests, and emailed him various links. We had a chat about Ni No Kuni Game, currently only available for PS3 which we don't have, but J has been enjoying watching clips of game play. Studio Ghibli was involved in the production, more commonly known for their films, which we love. 

I've also added another Wii game to my wish list, plus a couple of Pokemon books on order for J.

Both children have spent time playing Terraria together, and Cube World on the PC. It's interesting to see how things go in phases, as these two games haven't been played for quite a while.